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Recent Photography

Completely out of the blue, I thought I would share with you some recent photography. All images taken with an app on my phone, just proves how easy it can be done! (Some images are of artworks in a book.)







The Last Drunken Night

I found inspiration after visiting a local artist that was selling bits and pieces in her garden shed. Her work was vintage style and she used sheets of music as a base to paint or draw on. I wanted to experiment with it further, ripping the paper up rather than using it as a whole sheet. I also wanted to experiment with the wording aswell. I think personally the final outcome is quite nice, this is only on a small scale, I intend to use this process in a much larger piece of work.

A – Z of Youtube

Working with sytems and chance I created this video, that I potentially had no control over. To obtain the videos in which I used to create this I went on Youtube and typed in ‘a’ in the search bar, the first video that appeared at the top of each search was the video for ‘a, ‘b’, ‘c’ etc’. I then did this throughout the alphabet to obtain each video. I then selected the first 10 – 12 seconds of each video and put them together in alphabetical order.

With this piece of work I had no idea what the outcome would be, however, I think it works beautifully in places.

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