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The Finished Look

These are the final images and the final look of my mannequins (before exhibiting them). As you can see the wedged pole in the tree has transformed into a lovely stand for the mannequins. Also the mannequins have had a waterproof spray. I will upload exhibition pictures later on 🙂

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Recent Photography

Completely out of the blue, I thought I would share with you some recent photography. All images taken with an app on my phone, just proves how easy it can be done! (Some images are of artworks in a book.)






Twenty Pictures

As a task for a project, I had to take 20 pictures of pacific locations around the campus. I thought I would share them with the world :] A few of them I have slightly enhanced with Photoshop.

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In my first year of university, my first major project was to do with identity. I decided to develop my photoshop skills and transform peoples identities by usung various techniques. I overlapped several images and played around with the burn tool and various filters. I thought I would share them with you, feel free to leave feedback.

Practicing with Photoshop

Last summer I decided to develop my photoshop skills and here is a few examples of  what I came up with:

This was developed purely from scratch based on a youtube tutorial. Mainly working with the pen tool/ line tool, hue and saturation tools.

I used an image of a frog (taken from google images) and then liquified it. Then used the lens and flare tool on the background and adjusted the lighting.

Again taken from google images and then adjusted lighting/ contrast. Then layered a few effects over the top of each other.

You Are What You Eat

After making some rather pretty cupcakes I decided to take a picture and enhance it, using photoshop. The focus of this piece is self explanatory. I think todays society and media are focusing to heavily on becoming size zero and not focusing on the beautiful aspects of the human being, why should it matter what size we are?

Identity – Photography Workshop

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My first attempt at ‘profesional’ photography. At an attempt to create and discover a new way in capturing Art. These photographs are an exploration of an identity of a paticular place.

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