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Nursery Art


The beautifull canvases i made for my baby girls nursery. Each character was hand drawn by myself whilst looking at an image taken from google. I then added colour using acrylic paint. I used flat colours to enhance the characteristics of the cartooon.


The Finished Look

These are the final images and the final look of my mannequins (before exhibiting them). As you can see the wedged pole in the tree has transformed into a lovely stand for the mannequins. Also the mannequins have had a waterproof spray. I will upload exhibition pictures later on 🙂

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Mannequins In The Making (3)

After priming each mannequin, I spray painted each one the colour of their mood, which they represented. Blue – sad, red – anger and yellow – happy.

My original idea was to mark make on top of the colour, with acrylic paint and scratching into the mannequin itself. However, I liked the mannequins as a solid colour and thought by doing this I would ruin their boldness.

NB: The umbrella hanging in the tree was because it was raining and the mannequins are hanging from a pole that is also wedged into the tree! (This is only temporary, and not part of my installation!) Also I wouldn’t say this is safe, but a pretty good idea if you need to spray in the rain! I am not responsible if you wish to recreate this and end up injuring yourself, I had minions helping me, so be carefull! 🙂

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Mannequins in The Making (2)

After making the basic structures of each mannequin and paper machee-ing the whole body, I needed to prime them, so the colour of each mood would be bright and strong.

I used Halfords own spraypaint primer. Also got a couple of minions to help me out 🙂

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The Rhythm of Life

This is an experimental development of a combination of techniques which I have employed in previous studies. I wanted to use the idea of Scibblism and combine it with the previous work which I have done in the application of pigments and texture. I wanted this piece to be much more introspective than anything I have produced so far. I made two canvas test pieces to ensure that the techniques which I intended to apply to my main work would be satisfactory and produce my desired results (Image 1 and 6).

After preparing my board with Gesso, I applied acrylic paint in Scribblism mode to attempt to create the flow and occasional turbulence of passing time. Choosing the primary colour, blue, for the background was significant as it can be interpreted in different ways; “blue sky thinking” and “feeling blue”. I grated pastels and chalks over this wet paint to create shades of colour and texture. I now needed to superimpose three silhouettes of myself on to this background in order to create a simple form of triptych. I wanted to make a different form of self portrait which did not rely on facial features but which could still portray a variety of moods or eras in my life. Again the choice of colour was important and I decided that red, yellow and green give out many significant signals; anger, fear, calm, danger, happiness, maturity and growth to name a few. At this point I decided to name my painting, “The Rhythm of Life”. (Image 1)

I needed to separate the back ground turbulence from the inner emotions of the silhouettes. To keep consistency with my chosen title, I collaged the outlines with torn scraps of music manuscript. I chose music because it, too, can reflect moods or specific happenings in one’s life. I felt it represented a barrier between inner emotions and exterior pressures and it provided a textural barrier between the elements of the painting.

This piece is bold and colourful and can be viewed with interest close up or from a distance. It would certainly attract attention and comment. One could say that it was too simple or too symmetrical to be aesthetically pleasing. Looking at my finished work, I know that it represents the emotions which I wanted to convey but one could question whether viewers would understand its significance without explanation.


Our identity is complex, created from the vast number of parts which which make up our physical appearance and our character traits. It is the way others recognise us. I believe that natural phenomena must each have their own identity. I decided to try to discover more about the identity of water but found it overwhelming, so i concentrated on one form in which water presents its identity to us – the waterfall.

The Last Drunken Night

I found inspiration after visiting a local artist that was selling bits and pieces in her garden shed. Her work was vintage style and she used sheets of music as a base to paint or draw on. I wanted to experiment with it further, ripping the paper up rather than using it as a whole sheet. I also wanted to experiment with the wording aswell. I think personally the final outcome is quite nice, this is only on a small scale, I intend to use this process in a much larger piece of work.

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