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The Finished Look

These are the final images and the final look of my mannequins (before exhibiting them). As you can see the wedged pole in the tree has transformed into a lovely stand for the mannequins. Also the mannequins have had a waterproof spray. I will upload exhibition pictures later on 🙂

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Mannequins in The Making (2)

After making the basic structures of each mannequin and paper machee-ing the whole body, I needed to prime them, so the colour of each mood would be bright and strong.

I used Halfords own spraypaint primer. Also got a couple of minions to help me out 🙂

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Mannequins In The Making

I have currently been working on an installation. I have been exploring how colours can portray emotions. Therefore, I have been making three mannequins, that present emotions, anger, sadness and happiness. I have used shop torsos but handmade the rest of the body, using wire, old tights, paper machee and cardboard. Here is a taster of what I have been doing! (more posts will follow!)


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Gestural Art

In my opinion Gestural Art is usually misunderstood or misinterpreted. Gestural Art is a portrayal of emotion, inner impulses and state of mind.

De Kooning wrote: ‘I paint this way because I can keep putting more and more things into it, drama, anger, pain, love, through your eyes it again becomes an emotion or an idea.’

The idea of Gestural Art is that the ‘artist would physically act out his inner impulses, and that something of his emotion or state of mind would be read by the viewer in the resulting paint marks.’  ( )

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