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Nursery Art


The beautifull canvases i made for my baby girls nursery. Each character was hand drawn by myself whilst looking at an image taken from google. I then added colour using acrylic paint. I used flat colours to enhance the characteristics of the cartooon.


The Finished Look

These are the final images and the final look of my mannequins (before exhibiting them). As you can see the wedged pole in the tree has transformed into a lovely stand for the mannequins. Also the mannequins have had a waterproof spray. I will upload exhibition pictures later on 🙂

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Mannequins In The Making (3)

After priming each mannequin, I spray painted each one the colour of their mood, which they represented. Blue – sad, red – anger and yellow – happy.

My original idea was to mark make on top of the colour, with acrylic paint and scratching into the mannequin itself. However, I liked the mannequins as a solid colour and thought by doing this I would ruin their boldness.

NB: The umbrella hanging in the tree was because it was raining and the mannequins are hanging from a pole that is also wedged into the tree! (This is only temporary, and not part of my installation!) Also I wouldn’t say this is safe, but a pretty good idea if you need to spray in the rain! I am not responsible if you wish to recreate this and end up injuring yourself, I had minions helping me, so be carefull! 🙂

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Mannequins in The Making (2)

After making the basic structures of each mannequin and paper machee-ing the whole body, I needed to prime them, so the colour of each mood would be bright and strong.

I used Halfords own spraypaint primer. Also got a couple of minions to help me out 🙂

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Recent Photography

Completely out of the blue, I thought I would share with you some recent photography. All images taken with an app on my phone, just proves how easy it can be done! (Some images are of artworks in a book.)






Mannequins In The Making

I have currently been working on an installation. I have been exploring how colours can portray emotions. Therefore, I have been making three mannequins, that present emotions, anger, sadness and happiness. I have used shop torsos but handmade the rest of the body, using wire, old tights, paper machee and cardboard. Here is a taster of what I have been doing! (more posts will follow!)


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Art and Words


Self Explanatory


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