Mannequins In The Making (3)

After priming each mannequin, I spray painted each one the colour of their mood, which they represented. Blue – sad, red – anger and yellow – happy.

My original idea was to mark make on top of the colour, with acrylic paint and scratching into the mannequin itself. However, I liked the mannequins as a solid colour and thought by doing this I would ruin their boldness.

NB: The umbrella hanging in the tree was because it was raining and the mannequins are hanging from a pole that is also wedged into the tree! (This is only temporary, and not part of my installation!) Also I wouldn’t say this is safe, but a pretty good idea if you need to spray in the rain! I am not responsible if you wish to recreate this and end up injuring yourself, I had minions helping me, so be carefull! 🙂

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