Scribblism Continued

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I decided to continue with my manifesto on Scribbilism, putting it into practice:


The Scribblists  Est. 2011

1.     We shall rejoice in the primitive form which gives us vast freedom to express our uninhibited emotions.  We will endeavour to break through barriers which have remained locked and barred since time remembered and proceed to crash through the red lights which we, ourselves, have installed.  In this way, the multi-layers of implanted techniques, prejudice, hypocrisy and false sophistication should be swept away until only the seeds of primeval art remain.  From these precious seeds our movement must grow and thrive until a multitude of worthwhile forms emerge.

2.     No longer shall we be classed as Surrealists, Pop Artists or Modern Artists and remain in our artistic towers, protected by the rich and influential.  This must now become the era of the Scribblists and our movement shall be free and open to all people.  Art shall no longer be a world closed to most but the majority will now tread boldly into territory so long ignored.

3.     Our struggle shall be to take giant steps into the past to produce art of the future instinctive to man.  We must throw off the “cloak of mystery” which surrounds our craft, with its hidden interpretations, political and social undertones and critical snobbery.  History and reputation should be forgotten.  Technological advances should be ignored as everyone is encouraged to take part working from that inner core that exists in all mankind.

4.     Inspiration must be found when we observe the first determined clutches of tiny hands on giant crayons as our children display this natural art, which, henceforth, shall be known as Scribblism. We watch as they use their primitive tools in a dagger-like grip……and learn.  The first unsure marks become a deeply personal and unrestricted flow of line, shape, form and colour.  It is from these roots that our tree will grow, flourish and spread. A freshness will have evolved breathing new life into art.  Poetry will flower as poets, too, embrace the simple word and watch the lines, rhythms and patterns emerge.

5.     Line, shape and colour must fill the voids which other art movements have left untouched. From this a spontaneous response will emerge that threatens, challenges, but, also, encourages and enriches mankind. Scribblism must never be selective or critical.  Eventually some will try to rationalise our work but our movement must always say, “Come and join us” and never “Your work is not up to the standard that we require”. No one should fear failure.

6.     Our work as Scribblists is intended to be “out there”, not hidden in pristine galleries, but big, bold and breathtaking, for all to see.  We must use the empty spaces and the dull places, but we must never be confused with the school of Graffiti Artists because our movement must never be secretive but receive public acclaim and judgement.  Above all, it should never be competitive; never seeking the awards that many modern artists desire.

7.     We demand that our public buildings and spaces will be filled with excited enthusiasts and be places where young and old will experience the joy of paint, pastels and chalk and feel the power of crayons, brushes and pencils.  Art, in its meaningful primitive form, will have returned to the people and no one will be offended when their work is referred to as “Scribble”.

I tried yo use as many different medias as possible to experiment with different techniques and outcomes.  I then decided to work on a bigger scale, onto canvas, again, experimenting with different media and scale.  By doing this I felt I was engagin with the media fully and discovered ways I could use the media to create a decent strong image, but out of  ‘scribble.’  It just goes to show that even at a young age we engage with art without realising.

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