The Love Hate Relationship Between Man and Art

Five a Day

Focusing on an aspect in art which I dislike, I decided to create a canvas piece which would involve drawing on a large scale and painting. I then combined this with something I found interesting and inspired me, Pop Art. I incorporated this style in my canvas piece, by playing with the scale of the fruit, making it more abstrat, I also used bright, vibrant colours, which are often used in Pop Art. Kepping it bold and colourful to the eye I felt this piece was a success, a personal challenge for myself.

More Than Just a Mouthfull

My second piece is focusing on an excisting talent but doing something different with it. For example this is a Photoshop piece where I have incorporated freehand drawing directly onto Photoshop, taking an iconic Pop Art image (the mouth) and combining it with a traditional landscape to provide an image, which represents a play on words, ‘More Than Just a Mouthfull.’ I have again used vivid colours for the mouth and background to represent the Pop Art element and more neutral tones for the landscape to contrast the two elements.

Being Human

This piece represents Human Growth. The image of the human is drawn by hand using Photoshop, this enhanced my existing Photoshop skills as it was a technique that I have not used previously. The background was again created manually and a textured image overlayed to produce a more realistic effect. I have used pastel colours to give an earthy feel to the piece. The contracst between the pale human image and the black incubator gives it a Pop Art atmosphere.

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