Face of Wax

I  wanted to investigate into the way in which the media presents people to the world.
I discovered that in nearly every case  images of people had to be ‘perfect’.
They all had airbrushed skin, bright eyes and a brilliant figure.
Of course all of this is unnatural and photoshopped to the media’s criteria.
I decided to create a final piece going against all of these aspects, as
underneath all of this we are all human.
I created this mask by taking a mould of my face using tinfoil, I creased
the foil where I wanted to place the veins.
I  layered the tinfoil with a thin layer of wax, waited for that to dry
and coated it again with another thin layer.
I repeated this several times until it was stable enough to hold itself together.
Finally I removed the foil and emphasised features where I felt it was necessary.

I tried to portray that we don’t have to be ‘perfect’ – we are all human underneath
the mask we decide to show.

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